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Crafter Blue straps are premium rubber straps for watches. Straps has 12 months warranty. Straps has curved end so they fit perfectly to your Seiko watches. Currently there is also models for Tudor Black Bay.

Crafter Blue story began in 2013. We all are Seiko enthusiasts. We all love Seiko Diver watches. Unfortunately, none of company was interested in developing high-end rubber straps for Seiko. So, Crafter Blue did it. 

In 2014, Crafter Blue introduced the first curved end strap for Seiko Sumo. It succeeded to shock the market and earn the place. But what is most successful is that it had completely changed what we should expect and look forward to.

Crafter Blue is proud to be the first company to design the curved end rubber strap for Seiko. Crafter Blue will continuously develop high-end straps for other Seiko watch models. Now we have established new model for Tudor Black Bay and probably new models are coming...