CT Scuderia Watches

Life is a journey, not destination. Along the way, you discover your passions— which in turn beget inspiration, the wellspring of your life's accomplishments. What happens, though, when you take alifetime's worth of passions and attempt to alchemize them into a single, focused inspiration? Can the entirety of a life be contained within one idea? Indeed it can — if the idea (and the life) are worthy.

Italian design can only come from those who live and breathe the passion and style for flawless flare. A trait only inherited by birth and practice, the eye only sees superb mastery through generations of watchmakers. From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, Enrico Margaritelli shares his family legacy with the world one face at a time. Designed by Enrico Margaritelli, the CT Scuderia brings to life, the visions and ideas procured on the dash board of visionary designer.

As a third generation Italian watchmaker, Enrico Margaritelli's impressive career includes collaborations with Fossil as well as for Emporio Armani watch collections and his own brands of the past, Soviet watches and Key West. Enrico comes from a family of passionate watchmakers. His biggest inspiration, his grandfather, Ariodante Margaritelli; Ariodante was a dedicated watchmaker in Parma, Italy where he created highly technical precision watch instruments for the Military during World War I and II.